New here, hope posting right. Advice or kitchen faucet needed

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The plastic quick release doohickey that connects the faucet to the pull out hose and sprayer has broken. It just snapped off when I was singing to myself and doing dishes and man it flooded fast. I didn't know what I was looking for and the water torrenting from under the sink was hot finally I got it to stop, omg so much water in an instant, much more it seems than what I have coming out of the sprayer in my sink. Anyway I found the small Grey and blue thingamabob had broken off, don't laugh but I tried super gluing it back on (ok you can laugh) you can guess what happened, so I've dried everything off again and have come to the conclusion that the broken bit needs replacement not repairs. So my problem is that I'm unsure how that's accomplished, if itcan be done because the hose that has the broken bit just disappears into the guts of the faucet and I'm no sink surgeon and don't even kSo my problem is that I'm unaware how that's accomplished because the hose that the broken bit is attached tob just disappears into the guts of the faucet and I'm no sink surgeon and don't even know how to get into that bit, (I'm sure it's designed to keep people like me out) I really don't want to buy a new faucet when this one just needs that itty bitty plastic piece to work again so how do people swaparoo that connectot. Is it like cut off the broken bit and somehow connect a new one that can handle the water pressure. Are they like crimped on with a special tool? Or do I need to learn how to get up in the faucet guts. Thanks everyone for bothering to read this word vomit, I hope I was able to describe everything well enough to not appear a 'helpless' Idiot and just a plain Idiot that can follow directions for diy stuff real good haha

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