Need your input. Noble TS - drop down shower

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    Kerdifix is a silane based adhesive that sticks to nearly anything, and is about as permanent as things go. The only potential issue is compatibility with the material. Both Kerdi and NobleTS are slightly different versions of CPE, so they should be compatible. Your call, I'm not a materials chemist. Probably okay.
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    Yes fix will work as will Sika sealant at 1/3 price of fix..... have flood tested with both sucessfully.

    man do you have time on your side!!! no hurry!
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    I have never installed a "membrane" with the sides that low. Usually at least an inch or more above the sill.
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    Just wanted to thank everyone for their input. Was great help in completing the shower install.

    Thanks Showerdude (Red) for you input.
    Thanks to JW for your blog.
    Thanks to everyone who also provided input.

    It took longer than expected approx. 1 year working on it off and on. The revised niche took some time to complete. I was going to use the one built when durock was initially installed but couldn't live with the grout lines not matching up. It would have bothered me everyday if I would have left it alone.

    Now the niche fits with in the grout line and its also taller than the original plan.

    My first time installing tile this size. My work is not up to the level of the pro's on this forum but I'm happy with the outcome. At least my wife is happy, I was worried about that part.

    Some pics of shower. I'll try to post sharper pictures.

    Still need to finish mosaic over sink. Hope they arrive next week.

    Thanks again.
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