Need a solution for my shop.

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    I've got a problem looking for a solution. I live on some acreage "in the country" and have my own water well, septic system, etc. I have a shop that is almost exactly 100 feet away from the main septic tank, and I want to add a toilet, shower, sink, and perhaps even a washing machine in the shop. My problem is, the topology of the land is such that there's no way I'm going to be able to get the needed 1/4" per foot to run a gravity fall sewer line into my septic system. The area between the shop and the tank is "more or less" level, but there's a road of sorts that passes between the tank and the shop that's probably close to a foot below the average grade of both the shop and the tank. I've been researching macerating/grinder pumps, but all of the ones I've found so far require the same standard sloped gravity fall to the discharge once all of any vertical rise (at the pump) has been reached. What I need is something that's capable of moving waste approximately 100 feet "sideways". I've got plenty of area here and could, I suppose, just build and install a separate septic system just for the shop but I'd prefer not to.


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    They make pumps for that. For example, I use a small pump to keep 2 acres drained, with a run of 150 feet to the storm drain system.
    In your case, it's a 2" line with a larger pump, with check valve to keep everything pumped, higher than that pump. You want a gate valve there, in case you ever have to work on the pump. That way you can close off the line on the discharge while you're working on it.
    From my expierence, it makes sense to replace pumps while they are still working.
    Waiting until they fail? Not so fun. :(
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