Matching Trim w/ Installed Valve (HELP!!)

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I'm new to home ownership and I'm hitting my first speed bump! I'm replacing an old Moen shower trim and want to put a nice bronze shower trim in. I've done about 5 hours of research and I know I'm making this much harder than it should be and thought maybe someone here can give me some guidance. I purchased this Moen trim and I'm having issues with the cartridge not being long enough to connect to the handle. Also, the screws are aligning when I try to screw the face plate to the valve.

I'm thinking that I might need to buy the Moen conversion piece that allows me to use the Moentrol trim. I've attached some pictures of the valve that is installed currently, maybe someone can help me identify what kind of valve it is and if there is anyway I can use this with the trim I purchased (above). I've read that the Posi-Temp labelled trims won't work with what I have.

Any suggestions? Can I buy a different cartridge to make this compatible?

I've attached 3 different photos of the valve that's installed.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


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In my experience (non-plumber with lots of plumbing experience), you can't just expect to swap out trims, even if from the same manufacturer. Different trims often require different setbacks of the valve; this can be in a narrow range, and a new trim might not be compatible with where the old valve is set. I'd talk to Moen tech support about what you are trying to do. If you really want a particular new trim kit, it may require tearing into the wall and re-plumbing the valve or putting in a new one.

You have the old Moen Chateau valve, which takes a 1200 or a 1225 cartridge
For trims,




The 145058 allows you to use a Moentrol trim with the old Chateau valve.
The Posi-Temp trim you linked to will not work on your valve.
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