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    Jan 25, 2007
    Just starting to plan a master bath remodel. Appx dimensions of 9 x 20' . We like overall layout, (3x3 walled/tiled shower stall and corner whirlpool on one end, and separate toliet room on the other.) However, dont like small shower. curious if the plumbing (drains, trap, venting, etc.) would lend themselves to swapping the shower stall and and toliet.

    Realize I will have to run Hot water to former toliet room. and move drain in former shower stall back 4-8 inches to accomodate toliet. but will have to do a little slab work in stall area anyhow to level floor. Just wanted to avoid major headache/cost of cutting up slab to reinvent wheel in running new waste lines.

    Could finish out toliet area with half wall and saloon doors. and get a 3+ x 7' shower room in return. Are the way the shower and toliet drain function the same? Also, advice from the more experienced, is this a feasible senario, without becoming a nightmare project? Thanks in advance.
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    Shower drain needs to be 2". Toilet drain needs to be 3 or 4". So, you'll need to change at least that around. Depending on how things are layed out underneath, it may be a pain, but you won't know until you know the layout.
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