leaking Hudson Reed tub faucet

Discussion in 'Shower & Bathtub Forum & Blog' started by kphee, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. kphee

    kphee New Member

    Oct 23, 2006
    I installed a new Hudson Reed tub faucet on a tiled deck. This unit has the faucet being fed by two remote handles. The faucet also has a diverter valve that sends water to a handheld shower.

    My problem is that this Hudson Reed unit uses 3/4" hose type fittings with flat washers (just like a garden hose). I cannot get all of these fittings to seal, 3 out of 7 fittings continue to leak no matter how much I tighten those three fittings.

    This seems to be a problematic way to make a plumbing connection, how can I make these fittings seal? Once I get these to stop leaking is this a connection I can trust over time?
  2. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    Aug 31, 2004
    San Diego, CA
    Well, I must confess ignorance here. What the bleep is a Husdon Reed? Where do your get these? You will need to refer to the manufacturer's installation instructions and possibly call them.
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  4. kphee

    kphee New Member

    Oct 23, 2006
    Hudson Reed is a British manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen fixtures, http://usa.hudsonreed.com/

    I'll try and contact them, they try and limit their support to e-mail only and I have read on other plumbing forums that it can take several days to get a response.
  5. Verdeboy

    Verdeboy In the Trades

    Jun 12, 2006
    The washers it came with are probably either not thick enough or not "rubbery" enough to make a good seal. If it really uses garden hose type washers, try buying a different brand and/or using two of them if they are the thin type. You might also want to try wrapping the male threaded ends with teflon tape. Unless there's a split in the fitting, you should be able to get a good seal.
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