Korky WaterWi$e not compatible with some models of American Standard toilets.

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    I'm disappointed to report that the Korky WaterWi$e does not work with the two model's of 1.6GPF toilets that we have.

    I installed two waterwise units, one in each of two different American Standard toilets, along with the Korky adjustable flush valves.

    I found that the new Korky flappers would stay open so long that the tank would nearly drain to the bottom, and, unfortunately, the new waterwise fill valve would "time-out" and stop filling the tank before it was to the fill-mark (the built-in feature to prevent water waste when the valve detects a stuck flapper).

    If I pushed down on the flapper myself, at the next flush, at precisely the proper time, I could get the valve to work.

    Hence, I called Korky. They provided excellent service on the phone, ensuring that I had installed everything properly. (We remove the fill bucket, ensured that the check ball was not stuck, checked water fill flow, removed the cover of the valve and checked the operation of the valve itself, examined the operation of the flush valve and flapper, and finally determined that we needed the Korky Plus Adjustable flapper (with float), model 2004BP, since that is what Korky usually recommends for American Standard Toilets with the Korky WaterWi$e. Korky sent me two of these flappers, and after a week of adjusting, I am ready to give up!

    No matter what slack or not that I put in the chain, and no matter where the float is (and "all combinations" thereof), the toilet just does not operate consistently. Either I'll find that the toilet won't flush at all, because the flapper closes too quickly (the adjustment is VERY finicky), or the toilet will drain nearly to the bottom and then not fill completely due to the shut-off, or an occasionally correct operation.

    What is even more amazing, is that not only do I get the variation that I just describe for various positions of the float and chain (as would obviously be expected!), I can get that variation for multiple flushes of what seemed just previously the optimum setting!

    I will have to go back to the Fluidmaster Leak Sentry units that we have on 3 other toilets (in combination with the Korky Premium Flapper with float). That seems to be optimum! I should have known, since that has worked so well, except for one time that we had a stuck flapper. (That's why I decided to replace these other two units with Korky WaterWi$es. I thought I'd get the best of everything.

    (Note: The Leak Sentry's did seem, at first, to drain the tank too much, thereby wasting too much water, but with the Korky flappers with floats are great! But they CAN suffer from stuck flappers. However, I'm thinking now that the few times the flapper gets stuck is no where as bad as the horribly inconsistent behavior of the Waterwise - either it is annoying to have to reset it many times, or it wastes water a lot!

    Does anyone have any last-ditch suggestions before I abandon these WaterWi$es? Or have others experience similar problems? Any other products that will detect leaks that work any better than the FluidMaster Leak Sentry's?

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