Kinetico Sulfur Guard vs. Culligan Iron-Cleer/Gold Softner

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looking at other options and want to know if anyone out there has advice for me.

I have a well and in my aread there tends to be high iron, sulfu and manganese.

My well:
3-7 ppm iron (both ferrous and ferric)
3.5 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide
2.0 ppm manganese
7.2-7.5 ph
247 TDS
Some fine/small rust particles or sediment from time to time like sand

My water always looks clear, but at times looks like there many be a faint black tint in the back of the toilet bowls and then eventually looks like it may turn yellow. I have a deep well and the water is never orange or red or anything. No matter what system I have in, and there have been three now and all have had filter cartridges in additon to the softners, the filters only last 3 weeks and then go bad and my water smells bad like metal/blood and rotten eggs.

I dont' know what option there is for me
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