Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Are these stains and leaks a problem that needs to be addressed?

  • You've definitely got a problem and you need to address it NOW.

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  • You might have a problem, carefully clean the outside of the pipe and see if the stains reappear.

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  • None of the above.

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Eric from Newton

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Newton, Massachusetts
Hi everyone, I appreciate your taking a look at my situation. I have a cast iron stack in my basement that has a couple of old (I think) stains on the outside of the pipe. Nothing that appears to be an active leak, but still a bit unsightly and a little worrisome. This house was built in 1899.I've taken some pictures and I'm wondering whether anyone has seen these kinds of leaks before, and whether they are a problem that needs to be addressed right now, maybe later, or not anytime soon.

Thanks much!
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