cast iron

  1. G

    Is this a reducer between cast iron and ABS pipe?

    Just bought a new clothes washer, and it says to connect the waste to a minimum 2" pipe, my house has 1.5" pipe so I followed it to this, pictured below. Is that a reducer? can I just hack that out and replace it with 2" pipe?
  2. B

    Shallow well spinning then not

    Hi So I'm dealing with a shallow well jet pump. It froze and cracked the casing (not the motor side) with some cold weather we had a couple weeks ago... We JB Welded the crack put it back on but a pipe was busted inside the house so had to shut off... It also still had a small crack in the back...
  3. personage

    connecting a wall-hung toilet to waste riser

    I have a back outlet, floor mount toilet, and I would like to install a wall-hung toilet instead. The waste riser is cast iron with 4" threaded opening, and my current toilet is connected to it with this ABS nipple...
  4. J

    DWV Design - Replacing Double San Tee w/ Inlet between Toilets

    Hello everyone! I have a home I purchased this year that has had some opportunity in the work done on it by the previous owner. Florida block home built in the 60s that most of the cast iron drains have been replaced in but still a bit lingering around in places. The toilets in the hall bath...
  5. Capt. Skinny

    Splice new vent into cast iron stack, or replace last few feet of stack with PVC through roof?

    I'm adding a branch vent that will run horizontally, in the attic, to the cast iron stack in the photo. My initial plan was to make two cuts in the cast iron and splice in a PVC tee with Fernco couplings. But I'm so close to the roof that I wonder whether I would be better off just removing...
  6. D

    Can a 1/4 bend be used at the bottom of a plumbing stack?

    I am very limited on space and trying to figure out what would work. The line will then travel about 8 feet and then turn vertical, then back horizontal to connect into a wye combination. happy to answer any questions.
  7. mcat

    Cast iron pipe to pvc - connection questions

    Hey all, My kitchen sink no longer drains at all which upon closer investigation looks like it's a cast iron pipe that I believe is just blocked or rusted shut now. ( what initially was thought to be a clogged p-trap, turned out after cleaning, to be a wolverine brass p-trap that had eroded so...
  8. B

    Basement grease trap to main drain blockage corrosion

    My home is from the early 1900's and I have a large main drain that is cast iron. The drains that run to that main one are the kitchen sink, the basement shower, upstairs shower, laundry and upstairs bathroom. The picture is of the grease trap drain that the kitchen sink runs to. Now I moved...
  9. KiviP

    Vertical Cast Iron Support

    Hey everyone, I need to add a tee to my vent stack to accomodate a new sink. Current sink horizontal vent arm is at 36 which is too low and I need to bring it up to 42 to be above the 6 inch flood rim rule with my ne2 vanity. Old vanity was mounter at 30. New one will be around 34 ish. I already...
  10. Paul E.

    Slab on Grade - Missing Bathtub Trap?

    House was built in 1969, slab on grade, single story, located in Texas. I'm converting the master bathroom tub to a shower. After pulling the cast iron tub out, I noticed two things. 1. I seem to be missing the compression nut on the 1-1/2" copper drain line. 2. Where's the p...
  11. TheOverThinker

    Repacking an inverted oakum / cast iron 4" joint on a sewer stack?

    How, and who, can still repair old oakum joints that are inverted. Situation is a 4" CI waste stack comes down from the roof above the top floor toilet in an condo. Just above the toilet, it branches downward for the tub. The walls and everything are all finished. mostly with tile. The three...
  12. KiviP

    Cast Iron to PVC Support

    Hey guys, I am doing a bathroom remodel and had to replace a portion of the Cast Iron pipe. For this piece, I hired a plumber. He came out and cut the pipe inside the opened wall instead of the attic. The attic piece has other stuff connected to it and he felt like the pipes are in good...
  13. SeaDave

    CI Stack Question

    Terry, Switching from my son’s second floor remodel to my own 1926 single story cottage with basement. There is 1 bedroom and bathroom on the main floor and a second bedroom/ bathroom / laundry in the basement. Currently remodeling the main floor bathroom, and replacing the supply and drain...
  14. Kurtjs86

    Cast iron question for powder room

    So I’m remodeling my powder room( my house was built in the 40’s) and the subfloor was bad by the toilet and the flange was cracked. I tore out the floor and was going to use an expandable flange but I’m just not sure how serviceable the cast iron is. I was going to cut it right past the elbow...
  15. Kurtjs86

    Cast iron question for powder room

    So I’m remodeling my powder room( my house was built in the 40’s) and the subfloor was bad by the toilet and the flange was cracked. I tore out the floor and was going to use an expandable flange but I’m just not sure how serviceable the cast iron is. I was going to cut it right past the elbow...
  16. K.C.

    Should I replace cast iron?

    Hi all, new here and new to owning a home as well (and have no plumbing experience at all!). Hoping you all can advise whether I should replace my 1944 house's original cast iron plumbing with PVC. I've read that cast iron has an 80-100 year life span, and it's at 77 now. I'm in the process of...
  17. Eclecticmn

    How are cast iron radiators moved? Hard to take apart and reassemble?

    So .... I found a free cast iron radiator on local craigslist, for free. 19 in high, 13 in wide, and5 1/3 feet long. I hired 2 movers who arrived on site and learned they could not move it. I did not have to pay. Lesson learned. I recently found one cheap on craigslist and do not know the exact...
  18. Eclecticmn

    What pipe metal to use for cast iron radiators?

    When I go to Home Depot I recall seeing black pipe, galv iron, and galv steel piping. What should I use to pipe in cast iron radiators?
  19. Eclecticmn

    What valves to use for hot water cast iron radiators?

    I have a hot water cast iron radiator system. It has separate supply and return pipes. My kitchen had slant fins that never got warm. I do not want to rehash that issue. The kitchen had not seen heat since at least before 1998 I recently learned. In a desperation to troubleshoot I cut the 3/4...
  20. rsimoneaux

    Old tub drain leaking

    We discovered a leak at a joint where the tub drains. House was built in 60s and the drain lines under the slab are cast iron. Not sure what going on where the leak is.. Looks like maybe copper to cast iron. The pipe with the weird flat flange must be part of a trap - holding water. Any...
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