soil stack

  1. Jim112

    Toilet blocked, backed up, bad plumbing?

    Relatives of mine got the attic converted a few years back, and installed a toilet up there. Some local guy done the plumbing - not sure of his qualifications. The toilet comes from the far side of the attic and the pipes travel across the room - and it was added to the existing stack in the...
  2. TheOverThinker

    Repacking an inverted oakum / cast iron 4" joint on a sewer stack?

    How, and who, can still repair old oakum joints that are inverted. Situation is a 4" CI waste stack comes down from the roof above the top floor toilet in an condo. Just above the toilet, it branches downward for the tub. The walls and everything are all finished. mostly with tile. The three...
  3. bimplumbing

    Hi-Rise Soil Stack & Venting of lowest floor

    Hi Everyone. First time caller, long time listener! I've searched and haven't found a thread that answered this question: Bldg dept. is prohibiting us from connecting the lowest bathroom's local vent to the vent stack on that level, instead they need us to connect to the local vent or vent stack...
  4. purduephotog

    Adding a wye to cast iron

    Not my house. Thank God. Helping my neighbor after they moved in to add a disposal I came across this beauty. I told them I was shocked it passed inspection, and that they (and possibly me) are going to need to replace the joists, and at least sister in something in as that's under the tub...
  5. Eric from Newton

    Is there more to this than meets the eye?

    Hi everyone, I appreciate your taking a look at my situation. I have a cast iron stack in my basement that has a couple of old (I think) stains on the outside of the pipe. Nothing that appears to be an active leak, but still a bit unsightly and a little worrisome. This house was built in...
  6. Tim Johnson

    Mystery soil stack

    Hello everyone. I joined this forum because I was hoping someone could help me figure something out, otherwise I'll just open up some walls. A soil stack goes from out the roof and seems to terminate in the outcropping in my kitchen shown in the picture. There's absolutely nothing in the...
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