Intermittent Hot Water Problem

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    Nov 30, 2004
    Intermittent Hot Water Problem

    My problem is that sometimes I get NO hot water in my bathroom including the shower and sink. I live in a 25 story apartment building. My understanding is that the first 14 floors are supplied hot water from a single boiler. I live on the 8th floor.

    The management had a plumber out to check it out several times and the plumbers say nothing is wrong. The strange thing is the hot water is plentiful for several days or even weeks then one day no hot water. When things are working I cannot even put my hand under the hot water when in the full hot position, but when the problem appears even with the faucet in the full hot position the water is not at all hot. In the full cold position the water is even cooler, but in the hot position the water is not hot enough to take a shower. The plumbers have taken my shower faucet apart and changed the mixing valve (or cartridge) and they say nothing is wrong. It would not appear to be the faucet because the same problem is present in the bathroom sink. Note that hot water does work at the kitchen sink, which is on a different pipe stack.

    The management says that they have had some sporadic complaints from other apartments in my apartment line, both above and below my floor, but that I am the only one consistently reporting problems. It’s strange that it comes and goes. And it happens all different times of day. The problem has appeared early in the morning, late at night, and all times in between. Sometimes it corrects itself 45 minutes later and other times it takes several hours for it to get hot again.

    Any suggestions as to what the problem could be?
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