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    Hi. My name is Terry and this is my first thread. Since I have had my central heating brought up to modern standards with a worchester condensing boiler the central heating is great but the boiler is a long way from the bathroom and the hot and cold water presure at the bath and sink taps is very poor and it takes ages to fill the bath up, the hot water being the worst for pressure. My question is:- Is there an electric inline pump which can be fit to the pipes feeding the bathroom? if there is which is the best one to buy? and where is the best place to fit it, close to the boiler or close to the bathroom. I have very good excess to both positions Thank you anyone who can help.
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    It sounds like the boiler uses an immersion coil or plate to produce the domestic hot water. What you see is probably the best you'll get. To ensure the water gets hot as it passes through that coil, they often put a restrictor on it so it spends enough time inside of the coil to actually heat up. This limits the maximum flow. If you want a higher volume and pressure of hot water, or more stability to the temperature, I suggest you add what is called an indirect water heater. This looks like a traditional tank, but instead of using gas or electric to heat the water, it uses a coil from your boiler that treats it essentially like a separte heating zone. Depending on the size of the boiler and the tank you select, you can get unrestricted volume and pressure of hot water from one.

    If you tried to pump more water through that coil, it would not come out as hot, since it would spend less time in contact with the heat transfer device.
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  4. westleigh34

    westleigh34 New Member

    Aug 21, 2008
    It sounds like you realy know what your talking about regarding my question. I think I will leave it alone. I understand what you are saying about the water being pumped through to fast which then would not heat the water enough. Thank you very much for your help. All the best Terry.
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