Initial impressions of Eco Drake CST744E

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    Just installed a new Eco Drake 1.28 flush last week in the kid's bathroom. Quick, competent flush. Bowl wash seems better than a regular 1.6 Drake w/ Sanagloss I had at my old house. Just my imagination?
    The bowl was made in Vietnam, the tank in the USA. I was disappointed to find a large dimple in the porcelain dead center in the front of the tank. See picture. It's not a chip, just a depression in the porcelain. Did not expect this from Toto. There was no hassle getting it replaced quickly and at no additional expense. Also, the lid had a sharp point in the back. It was not visible when installed but could have sliced a finger when removing the lid. I just filed it down with an emory board and it is OK. I would have felt better if the tank was made in Vietnam instead of the bowl. No issues with the bowl. QC on a downward slide in the US, Toto? Other than those two items, I'm still a big Toto fan and recommend them to anyone who wants an opinion. My 2 cents. - TSPORT:eek:

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