Help with what type of Oatey Casper shower drain i have that is leaking - advice needed

Discussion in 'Shower & Bathtub Forum & Blog' started by draithby, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. draithby

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    Nov 29, 2020
    Milton, Ontario, Canada
    Hi There

    I have a leak with a Oatey Casper drain in a swan 36" Neo Angle Shower pan.

    I am having leaking coming under the shower pan from the drain. I noticed this by light straining on the ceiling below. I confirmed this by cutting a access hole in the drywall in the backside of the shower wall that has the taps on it. I can see water running a small trail across the floor from under the shower pan.

    I have read tones of stuff so far on this drain and how they are installed.

    My question is that most posts talk about this Oatey Casper drain that use the big caulking nut screwed down into the drain to compress the caulking gasket to see the drain to the drain pipe.

    However, my drain appears to be some different kind of Oatey Casper drain as I cannot see or feel any of the slots in the caulking nut. I just see what looks like a foam gasket at the top with no caulking nut anywhere to be seen.

    Is there a different kind of Oatey Casper drain that does not use a caulking nut and somehow just uses that neoprene looking gasket pressed in or something to seal?

    I believe my best bet short of cutting a hole in the ceiling below to be able to get at the drain from below to install the standard drain with retaining nut that installs from below is to use the WingTite drain that can be installed from above. I just want to understand what type of original Oatey Casper drain I have and the best way to remove it. From what i gave seen with the other type of Oatey Casper drain that use the big caulking nut, you carefully cut a clot out of the ring drain and collapse it on itself to be able to pry it out and let old retaining nut drop below and stay there. Then you install the WingTite from above.


  2. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    From the picture I'm not sure what you have.
    In the 70's I used a lead ring that had an inner ABS that I glued to. The lead was snugged up by tapping with a flat blade screwdriver along the circle of the lead.
    Then there are the drains that are glued to.
    After that the drains with the rubber push-in seals, and also the rubber seal that is compressed by a threaded ring.
    A few options there.
    If I can't get the drain to seal, it comes out. Often the leak is from the flange and the putty has failed. I now use Silicone instead.
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