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    Dec 6, 2013
    i could use some help running the drain and vents for 2 bathrooms in my house. i just kinda started working on it and think i got ahead of myself. the location of the fixtures im set on, just need help running the pipes, mainly the vents i think i have wrong. let me know the best way to do it. the stuff drawn in paint is just what im thinking and would have no problem changing that. but would like to keep whatever pvc you see unless it really must be redone. local inspector said to go by ipc code. thank you very much for any advice.

    Bathroom 1
    where the 2 inch line connects to the 3 inch for the shower i know to use a wye, just not drawn right.
    and dont worry about the cut plate, there is a bearing wall immediately behind the stack supporting the joists.

    Bathroom 1.jpg

    bathroom 1.1.jpg

    Bathroom 2

    bathroom 2.jpg

    bathroom 2.1.jpg
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    Aug 17, 2004
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    The shower can't enter the toilet line without being vented first.
    An easy fix would be to wye off for the lav, 2" on the shower side of the stack.
    The shower would come off that vertical with a santee, and then the lav would continue up with 2" through the roof.
    The lav trap arms over to it's location. You can go 42" with the trap arm in 1.5" and 60" with 2.0"
    The lav/shower winds up venting the toilet.

    The way you have it drawn, flushing the toilet will siphon the shower.
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