error code

  1. twilite

    Honeywell thermostat 5 flash error

    Hi, I'm seeing a 5 flash error code on a Bradford White water heater with Honeywell thermostat. I can reset it by turning the dial to off and unplugging the thermocouple wires, then plugging back in the wires, pressing down the dial for 3 seconds, and then setting the temperature. The water...
  2. I

    Help ID softener brand / model / error code

    Hello, I'm trying to help my landlord sort out the well & softener system at my home. The house has been suffering from low pressure/flow so the landlord had the well guy come out. Well guy came out and said the softener wasn't working and we'd have to get someone over to service the...
  3. doublehorn

    Nordyne / Frigidaire high limit sensor replacement?

    OK all, I have a 2007 Frigidaire furnace that started throwing a 4 blink code, which indicates an open high limit switch according to the manual. So I pulled that switch, measured about 4 ohms of resistance at room temperature, so that all checks out so far. I ordered a new one from Nordyne...
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