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I recently had a new water softener installed. I have had some issues. On Monday new pex pipe was installed for better draining. Thursday I added new salt and ran a regen. Friday morning all the water coming in to the house is smelling like urethane.. I can’t describe it.
When I put it in bypass it’s hard I still smell on hot side. I figure this is normal as it’s stored in the heater. Cold side I can only smell heavy chlorine.
They came out and checked everything , even flushed the heater.
After he left .. the water still smells. I also noticed the smell is in the brine tank.

Had the city come out. They said no smell on outside tap it has to be internal softener issue.

My prv needs to be replaced they said it’s dropping to 20 when the softener runs I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything.

Any suggestions of where to turn ? Same brand salt was used. This is the 3rd regen for this machine. Only problem before was it was leaving extremely high salt content in the water, which is why they changed up the piping.
I did notice an orange film in the sink drain yesterday. This could be unrelated

This feels toxic . Like I’m breathing fumes in an auto shop.


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Were the brine tank and softener internals sanitized using some non-scented chlorine bleach followed by a thorough rinse prior to placing the softener on-line?

New resin will often impart a plastically odor and sometimes an off color, which will usually be corrected by mixing some chlorine bleach into a gallon of warm water and adding that to the brine tank's brine well (4" diameter tube), then performing an immediate regeneration and extended rinse.

The link below provides a brief description of the correct startup procedure.
Softener Startup Procedure

The salty tasting water following regeneration is usually indicative or insufficient Slow Rinse time.

If you know the brand and model for the control valve the unit is equipped with, state that info or otherwise, post a photo showing same. Also specify the softener's total capacity, or the dimensions of the media tank directly below the control valve. If you know the current settings, state those also.
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