Double oven and cooktop wiring - connecting three #6 wires

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I am replacing the range in a kitchen remodel. I had formerly had a single oven with integral electric cooktop supplied by a 3 wire (plus ground) #6 cable.

I now desire to use the same circuit to service both the double oven, and separate cooktop.

I have cut the #6 cable and installed a box. The double oven has been hard wired with wire nuts in the box. The plan was to connect the cut line to the power & oven in this new box to provide service the cooktop (in approximately the original oven/range location.)

The question I have is providing power to the cooktop. No (3)#6 wire nut connectors were available at Lowe's. I am wondering if it is acceptable to simply solder and wrap with PVC shrink fittings to accomplish the connection of the three #6 wires, or is there another way that must be used to connect (3) #6?

Hopefully my assumption that running the replacement appliance on the same circuit was not flawed.


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Side-stepping the wire nut or other connector issue, what is the total wattage or current specified for the dual oven and cooktop? You might be overloading the existing wiring. An electrical supply store will have the right stuff to make the junction, but you may need an additional circuit.
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