does this sound legit?

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  1. cdog

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    Aug 28, 2005

    Had a plumber install a toilet - Toto Clayton. Plumbing worked perfectly before this. Within the first two days, the plumbing in that bathroom started to back-up (shower and toilet). Had the plumber come back out, and he snaked the line with a big, monster snake. It was cleared temporarily (2 or 3 days), but then the same problem came back.

    I suspected that he may have dropped something down the sewer when working on the toilet (he replaced the flange and some of the drain pipe below). They agreed this was a possibility.

    This time, he came back out with a camera, and found that the line was clogged with toilet paper (surprise!). His opinion is that the toilet paper is getting caught in a T - where the toilet drain ties into the rest of the plumbing.

    His claim is that the drainage is not adequate and a large chunk of the sewer line needs to be replaced. I told him it has been working fine for years - never had a problem. He believes that the older toilet (which was not low-flow) had enough power to clear the T, but the new low flow can't do it. So, stuff gets backed-up there.

    Does this sound reasonable? Anyone else experience plumbing problems shifting from a higher to lower flow toilet?


  2. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona

    While it is possible it may not be probable. You would have to see what the sewer looks like without the paper plug in it.
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  4. finnegan

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    Aug 16, 2005
    I agree. If the toilet paper is getting caught in the section of pipe he installed, then it is possible that he left a rough joint that is catching the paper. If the paper is catching in an old section of pipe, the question becomes how would your plumber suggest the work be done this time around? Plumbing done according to code should work for any toilet. If your original plumbing was designed incorrectly, then his explanation is plausible. Once I was faced with a similar problem. I mentally retraced my steps and realized that I installed the toilet without first removing the towel I stuck in the closet bend. The towel ended up about about 20' down the pipe after all my flushing. Not fun.
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