Do I have really have a well water line leak? Need second opinion.

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    Jun 19, 2014
    Hi Guys,
    My well pump stop working last week so I called my well contractor, he ended up pulling the well pump out finding out the first 200 feet of the well pump wire was bad so he replaced it. After he did that, we still have no water, he later on found out that the UF wire from house to well was also bad, he then ran a temporary 280 feet UF wire from the pressure switch to the well, once he hooked that up, the water is back!

    After the water is backed, he told us that there might be a leak from the well to the house, he said he installed a new check valve at the well pump, and I also have a second check valve right before the pressure switch, I have a gauge before the pressure switch and I have a gauge after the pressure switch. He showed me that when the pumping was running, both switches show same psi, as soon as the pump stops, the gauge before pressure switch drops to 0 psi rapidly. That tells him there's a leak from well to house.

    I tried to find wet area along the path without any luck. Since we have to make a 18" trench for the UF wire, if the well water line is leaking, we're thinking maybe we should make 4 foot trench for both water line and UF wire.

    I also attached a picture to hopefully explain better. I am hopping to get a second opinion from you guys before making this 300 feet trench full of tree roots and rocks in some part of the path.

    Well: 1982
    Depth: 400 feet
    Yield: 2GPM
    Well to house: 280 feet on slight incline from well to house
    Pump: 2003 franklin electric 3/4 HP

    Please help!

    Brian (distressed)

    Well system issue.jpg
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