Diverter Causing BANG in pipe.

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    Feb 5, 2006
    Diverter causing BANG in pipe.

    I have a Danze Parma Roman Tub with a soft touch hand sprayer. The Danze comes with its own tub spout. My tub has a built in spout. So, the hot and cold valves are mounted on the tile deck next to the tub. The hand sprayer is mounted right next the them.

    The Diverter assembly (separate from the valves) was mounted below the deck. The top of the diverter assembly is connected to a 3/4 inch copper pipe that runs about 7 feet to the built in spout. (one 90 degree bend) The pipe is securely fastened to the undereside of the deck.

    The hand sprayer is connected to the bottom of the diverter assembly with a flexable, metal clad hose.

    With the water running, the pipe between the diverter assembly and the built in spout bangs hard when the hand spray button is depressed.

    Now it gets even stranger. The bang always occurs when the cold water is turned on. When the Hot is on (no cold at all) and the system has a chance to warm up, the bang no longer occurs when the hand sprayer is depressed.

    Water pressure on the lower floor is 70 psi. the Tub is on the second floor.

    So far, I am on my fourth diverter valve and on my third Diverter housing. ( I must admit, Danze will send out a replacement with very little prompting with their techinical support number.)

    All of the assemblies have banged real hard. Some of the diverters and assemblies would actually bang when turning the water ON at either valve. There has never been any bang when turning the water off at either one of the valve.

    The hand sprayer button always causes a real hard bang with cold water, and not with hot water and after the pipes have had a chance to warm up.

    I have way too many many hours in trouble shooting this problem.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Shernan Knight
    425-576-4028 wk
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