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Does anyone know of any plumbing fixture manufacturer who has a wall mounted tub diverter valve separate from the shower valve itself?

I'd like to install such a valve between the main shower valve and the tub spout, as the spout I want to use does not have a diverter.

It seems as though most of the major manufacturers feature shower valves with the diverter attached, I don't want to replace my existing (Moen) shower valve, rather add an inline shutoff valve to the tub spout so that water is diverted to the shower head.

A 2 way transfer valve is an option, but seems like overkill when all I need for the valve to do is just one function.

Update on this post:
I've found what I need @ Moens website, it's actually called a volume control valve...
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A volume control valve can cause problems with use after a pressure balance valve because if it is ever turned off, it will allow the pressure balance valve to be in the open position allowing hot and cold water to mix randomly in the wall.
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