Dark Greenish Well Water w/Black Sediment

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  1. kingdomcats

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    Jan 10, 2009
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    Venice, FL
    My well water suddenly started to come out of the faucet a dark greenish color with black sediment. After several flushes and running the bathtub, it appears to be somewhat normal again, although we couldn't be sure it didn't have a slight green tint to it. I'm afraid to use the water now. What caused this? Is it likely to happen again. I don't want to be stuck in the shower with green water! Please help.
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    Dec 20, 2006
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  4. Gary Slusser

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    Since you're in FL, if you have a clear sump on a water filter that's outside, you could have had a slug of algae break loose from inside the housing or, it could be copper corrosion.

    You need to post info about your well and water system, any water filters etc. and any odors, rust stains etc..
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