Could first use of new basement shower cause backup in floor drain? Weird situation

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    We have a basement shower which was first used today. The shower drain, sink, and toilet pipes were put in 4 years ago and we just finished the bathroom about 2 months ago. We have been using the toilet and sink with no problems for 2 months. I went into the storage area soon after the first shower and see the basement floor drain backed up with an inch or so water in about a 3 feet ring. My son noted during the shower he heard gurgling sounds and the water would backup in the shower a little bit and then "whoosh" out of the shower. This gurgling and whooshing only lasted a few minutes and the rest of his shower was normal. I checked other toilets/showers/sinks and even ran the culprit shower again and the water does not come up as I watch the floor drain. I poured water into the floor drain and the water level about 6-8 inches down stays constant. I'm obviously not a plumber but think the line was likely dry and the new water source might have caused some type of acute venting problem? Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks, Dave

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