Concrete shower curb liner question

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    I am building a shower in my basement and I've never done one on a concrete floor. I keep reading to avoid wood curbs on concrete. My questions have to do with how the Shower liner will be secured to the curb. I'm constructing the curb out of bricks and then using thinset to bind them together and create the walls of the curb. Regarding the shower liner and using instructions from Oatey's website, I'm going to glue the shower pan membrane to the concrete curb after my pre-slope is done. I wanted to drive Nails into the outside of the Curve to secure further but it's concrete. How is this done? next step would be metal mesh over the liner and pack and build the outermost layer of the curb but how do you secure to the mesh without being able to drive Nails into the curb Since it's concrete? Once this last layer is dry I was going to waterproof the entire shower with red guard, then tile. Because I'm finishing with a concrete curb I'm assuming I don't need Durock or hardibacker here on the curb itself ?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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    Bricks on a slab can work. A moisture barrier then wood works. One of the foam curbs work. You don't want any holes in the liner on the top or inside, but outside, low works. I suppose in brick, you could use something like Tapcon screws. Make sure to use the preformed corners for the curb and flood test it.

    To keep the lath in position, over bend it so that it hugs the liner when you spring it back enough to fit over your curb.

    IMHO, you don't really want to use a second waterproofing layer over a conventional liner on top of the setting bed. If you want a waterproof shower including the walls, consider a sheet membrane like Kerdi. With a liner on top of the mudbed setting surface and the primary liner underneath, while not common, moisture could get into it via the weep holes, if there were ever a slowing of the drain or a minor defect in your coating with the painted on liquid waterproofing. There are two different classes of cement boards, and each has different requirements when building the shower...they are not interchangeable, so you need to be careful. It's easier with a 'true' cement board rather than a fiber-cement one (like Hardiebacker). Either one will work when done right, though.

    Check out for details on building a shower.
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