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    Funny you mentioned your Chinese friend on another forum.
    My wife and I are pushing 70 now and about 4 years ago we were adopted as American parents and grand parents by a group of Chinese families that own a small chain of restaurants in AL. and LA.

    We have the grandkids ,who were born in the US over to spend a few nights and weekends, and have taught them how to play softball, fishing, shooting, riding the 4-wheeler and other fun stuff. Before they met us they were reserved and sheltered and pretty much stayed to themselves, now you cannot hardly get them to be quiet (haha). Currently they have branched out into band, basketball and band...not reserve anymore. They are 11 and 12 years old in American years and 12 and 13 in Chinese years. We were told that basically when they are born they are already 1 year old. (when you think about it it makes sense)

    Since the parents (our Chinese kids) did not know our American custom for Christmas, we have had them over for the last two years to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The mom came from a Christian family in China, the dad is a stayathomer. We have taken the grands to church a few times and they have asked alot of questions and also believe.

    Our daughters name is Haiyan Li, with grands named, Coco, Jackson and Alan. Although the grands were born in NY and are American citizens, we are working with the parents on studying for their citizenship. They love America and all the opportunities we have and do not want to go back to China.There are numerous others of which I do not know their Chinese names which have been assigned American names.

    Anyway just thought it was ironic that you have had similar experiences.

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