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This is my first post so forgive me if I'm posting the wrong way....
I'm a homeowner that hates making choices so obsesses about about every detail (and then add fibro to make it all the more confusing, lol) that is still suffering with my last obsession outcome. After making all the notes and shopping for months for a new 10" rough in for the small master bath and a new 12" rough in for the guest bath about 5 years ago, I landed up with American Standard Cadet 1.28 gpf in both bathrooms. After a few years of getting frustrated with pooh still on back wall of the toilet bowl and brown stuff caked in the hole at the front of the bowl (don't know what to call it) in the master bath 10" toilet I took a dental mirror to the rim and found several holes blocked or partially blocked by porcelain. I still don't understand why the brown stuff cakes in the front hole but I give up now anyway because I don't want the hassle of trying to claim manufacturer warranty if there is one on the covered holes. I was on hold for an hour yesterday without an answer so I hung up. In the guest bath my son didn't think he has had any problems with the toilet but he wasn't the one that was noticing how dirty it was and how often, ugh! I know some one here is going to say for us both to eat more fiber, lol, but I don't remember any toilets we have had in the past being so dirty so fast as these two AS toilets. Note that the toilets were upgraded after the well pump was changed out due to corrosion and a Speck water softener was also installed. Brother In Law did the softener so I'm not sure about the settings on it and have been meaning to contact Speck to make sure we have it set properly. Maybe the toilets I bought didn't have that new coating or glaze they now have available on some models? But I'm not liking AS right now too much.
Now, my guest bath was gutted due to a leak in the wall so I told them to toss that 12" toilet and I would buy a new 12" and new 10" so the plumber could go ahead and do both as the same time. This time I've decided to increase the gpf to 1.6 to increase the amount of water rinsing the surface (at least that's my theory). I've also learned up on idea of the 3" flush valve maybe allowing a stronger flow of water coming into the bowl (if I'm interpreting that correctly). Maybe we should also make sure to get ones with the special glazing on the entire bowl, too. Most top 3 ratings on 10" rough in toilets narrow down to 3) AS Cadet 3 - 1.6 gpf - 270AB001.020 2)Kohler Highline - 1.28gpf - K-3839-0 1) Toto Drake - 1.28 or 1.6 gpf - CST744SF.10 along with Kohler Cimarron and Toto Aquia.
My plumber favors AS Cadet3 but most houses he favors them in probably have 12" rough in and came installed on those houses (The Villages, FL new construction) but mine was built in the 70's and can only take a 10" rough in. The dimensions and reviews would work but my experience and the lack of special coating on the Cadet 3 keeps me from being sure even if I did increase to a 1.6 gpf.
Kohler has awesome reviews and I do trust their name but both bathrooms especially where the 10" rough in is going don't have much space in front of the toilet and Kohler's are at least an inch deeper (29.5") than Toto and AS (27.5-28.5"). And again I'm not sure on the coating availability.
Toto, again, reviews are usually great except on dual flush because of less standing water in the toilet bowl. And of course the availability of their glazing is only available on the 12" rough in toilet bowl and not the 10". Both new versions of the Drake with special glazing and included a soft close seat was almost a sure thing after talking to nice CSR today at Toto that amazingly answered the phone in less than a minute?! But then I remembered the complaints about too little standing water in the bowl and our sticky pooh, ha. Ugh!
Help! It sucks being limited on the 10" versions and my plumber definitely didn't like the idea of using and conversion kits, like the Kohler CSR told me I could use with any of their 12" models and the one that Toto sells. I guess it makes sense to avoid adding another curve in the exit pipe, right? (Sorry for any typos I may have made - in a hurry.)


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The Toto toilets that use a Unifit adapter can use a 10 inch unifit. Be prepared to pay for a fairly expensive toilet, plus a not-included Unifit adapter. Those are all skirted, elongated, and comfort height.

That Sanigloss finish is not as good as you hope. You still need to keep a toilet brush handy.

It may be that the Unifit adapter is what you call a conversion kit. In that case, you have the wrong idea. While the toilets with Unifit will come with a 12 inch Unifit, you would simply discard the 12 inch Unifit, and use the 10. There is no used market for the 12, so discard it.

I suspect it is the same way with Kohler. You will use a different piece for 10 inch, rather than adding a piece to what you would have used with 12.
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I used to have a 10 inch rough in one bathroom that I recently replumbed. I remember there was a Toto drake 10" rough that worked, and I never had any problems with it. I find the bowl washing on the g-max and even the e-max units to be sufficient, but I hear the cyclone flush system is better for bowl washing and for that you'd need a 12" rough or perhaps this unifit solution discussed by reach4.
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