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    Jun 2, 2006
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    Is there any reason one cannot change the flapper in low flow toilets to one that stays open longer to increase the flushing power. Altho this could be considered unpatriotic it would avoid the annoyance of an incompletely flushing toilet.
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    Feb 6, 2005
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    changeing flappers to 3.0 gal

    This whole 1.6 gallon toilet design was invented

    in 1992, when people thought water might be scarce someday ,,,

    2006 Global Scientists warn that the polar Ice caps are melting at an alarming

    rates....... much , much faster than anyone ever thought possible..

    and no body in our country can make the

    really tough decisioins to do anything about for it future generations

    it because it might "ADVERSELY" effect our

    so many , many , many more studies are needed first..."just to be sure"

    Basically, they just want to delay doing anything tougher untill the next election.


    Telling you how much water you can use to take a crap

    and debateing for about a decade to deicde this important issue

    is about the only thing most politicians can agree on....


    you are going to have PLENTY of water in the very near future,,,

    so dont worry about not being patriotic.

    just change that flapper
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  4. plumber1

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    Aug 7, 2005
    wasting of water

    The politicians have been so bullish about mandating 1.6 gal.flush, but totally ignored all of the many sprinkler systems in our country that in total waste more water than all of the toilets combined. (only my opinion). And in a lot of states they still don't use recycled water. Sprinklers use a lot of water and how many of them have underground leaks that go ignored?

    Those throw away meters in every aerator is another political move.

    Who would have the most knowledgeable group to answer, how to conserve water, besides people in our industry?
    Did any politician ever ask anyone of the guys on this site how to conserve water? Or the plumbing industry? My guess is no. So where did they get the information that they based there decisions on?
  5. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    Aug 31, 2004
    San Diego, CA
    1) When you multiply 3 to 5 gallons saved every time a toilet is flushed, times maybe 1 billion flushes PER DAY, you are talking about a lot of water. Same idea as applied to aerators.

    2) Just like with energy saving electric appliances, the motivation is not that they want to save you money on your elecric bill.....every KW saved multiplied by millions of households, means several new power plants that do not have to be built, with the accompanying pollution. Less water down the drain means new sewer plants that do not have to be built.

    3) Regarding global warming, show me how that helps local water supplies. New England just had 25 inches of rain in a week. Not good, and it all went down the rivers. True the reservoirs are probably topped off, but come first hot spell this summer, water will again be in short supply. Most of California is in a perpetual drought. Warmer winters make it worse, because one of our main sources of water is the gradual runoff from the slow melt of deep winter snows. No snow, no water.

    4) Back to the toilet: Since the toilet is designed to flush with 1.6 gallons, adding more water does not create a "more powerful" flush. It may cause a double or triple flush, but if the first on was a clog, then the second one will just cause the bowl to fill up and possibly overflow. You can observe this by simply holding the handle down.
  6. Master Plumber Mark

    Master Plumber Mark Master Plumber

    Feb 6, 2005
    Sensitivity trainer.. plumber of mens souls
    indianapolis indiana - land of the free, home of
    Watch the al gore documentary

    EX--VP Al Gore did a documentary on global warming

    that is comming to a theatre near by real soon....

    its something you should watch
  7. Mike50

    Mike50 DIY Senior Member

    Jan 8, 2006
    Southern California
    So, lets conserve water thru plumbers promoting dual flush toilets...and likewise all of us can eliminate a lot of sprinkler water waste by planting
    drought tolerant ornamentals. (thats just a start)

    Those are two things we can do now.

    I'll watch the gore documentary on global warming but I think he just like the oil companies cherry picks scientific reports to support their already
    heavily demagogued public platforms.

    I still don't know how serious the problem is.

    *One camp says our planet is doomed unless we get serious about it now.

    *Another camp says the problem is so bad nothing can be done now.

    *Another camp says this warming is only a cyclical rebound from the mini-ice age of 1550-1850.

    Maybe they are all correct to some degree.

    Opinions about conserving water with low/dual flush toilets and global warming for the sake of this discussion are of course not related.

    Back on topic: You should be able to do whatever the hell you want Abe.
    Hopefully you will get another (well engineered) toilet instead.
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  8. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    One reason you cannot always make that change is that some manufacturers, such as Kohler design the smaller amount of water usage into the design of the tank. Kohler, for example, has the flush valve mounted on a china "tower" so there is just the design amount of water above the flapper.
  9. Mike50

    Mike50 DIY Senior Member

    Jan 8, 2006
    Southern California
    Al Gore...

    He just said all the research was in and the debate is over! (global warming) I guess we can all go home now...
    Just like he invented the internet.

    spray on tan-hair plugs-300 dollar haircut. :eek:

    seee ya! Al.
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