Building-up an existing shower curb

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    I recently installed a pre-formed shower pan and curb from Laticrete. It's made of some sort of dense foam. The whole thing is coated with HydroBan. After installation, I see that I would prefer that it be higher than 1 1/2" on the inside. Before I tile that area, is there a method to raise the height a few inches? I was thinking of wood, brick, or mortar/cement, but didn't know if any of these methods were acceptable, or how to bond them to the existing curb, or if they would be sturdy enough to tile over.

    Does anyone have any detailed feedback if this is possible, and how to do it?

    Hope you all have a Happy Holiday

    P.S. Would another pre-formed curb (Noble or Laticrete) added on top of original be a better option? If so, what's method to attach one to the other?

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    You could build it up a lot of different ways. I would use some concrete board and cut strips and set them to the exisiting Curb with thin-set (taping all of it with a wide mesh tape). Wait a few days and then re waterproof the top and inside of the curb. Leave the face (dry side) un waterproofed.

    I don't see any re-inforcing fabric in the corners and the one wall does not look waterproofed. This pan is designed to be a topical waterproofing process.

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