Best toilet seat for the Drake II CST454CEFG

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    Best toilet seat for the Drake II CST454CEFG

    I have read the Toto seats aren't as durable as some of the better quality Bemis seats. I also read on here some older posts, that the toto seats are a better fit and finish.

    Anybody find one they really like that is comfortable and durable?

    Are the slow close models less durable because people try to force them to close faster?

    I think I might prefer non slow close if they are more durable. We had had two toilet seats on our luna brake in the last couple years.

    Looked at these so far

    only come in slow close as far as I can tell



    TOTO SS114 Softclose seat.


    TOTO SS154 seat


    SS154 on a Dartmouth

    Or these
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    Fluids don't compress. TO make the soft close function, the fluid (it appears to be a silicone grease actually) must move through a small hole. If you try to force the seat closed, you will be increasing the pressure. That can cause it to fail quicker. Other than that, it's not that big of a deal when you just let it close at its own pace. That's true on any one with slow closing functionality.

    The cover on some of the Toto toilets isn't all that strong, so if you leave it closed and use it as a seat, it flexes, at least on the ones I have. They do make several different series of seats, and I've not seen all of them.
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    Good information.
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