Bathroom Vent Fan - NuTone vs. Panasonic

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    I appreciate the comments by Soxfan, but I stand by my personal choice to go with minimum 10 changes per hour. Yes, overdoing it has an energy impact, removing heated or cooled air. But in my temperate climate, where neither heating or air conditioning run most of the day, I will sacrifice the energy for the sake of much improvement in the mold/mildew/odor situation. And I do opt for as low sones as budget will reasonably accomodate. Never more than 1 sone. Higher noise, and folks, take my wife.....please!........tend to not run the fan at all.
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    Jimbo, a 65sf bathroom: 80 or 100 cfm fan?
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    Basement location looking at Broan and Nutone fan only models (from Wisconsin and favor of course WI business when I can) Was looking at QTRE110 and QTREN110 (N in the second is the Nutone model). The Nutone model shows .4 amps and the Broan shows .3 amps for these energy star units. Wondering if the Broan has a different motor or if the info is in process up being updated on the Nutone. Anyone install have or install one and can comment on the unit?
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    The Broan and NuTone models shown above use exactly the same motor...the only difference is the style of the grill...nothing else...difference in energy consumption must have been a misprint in what you were reading.
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    What are the pro/cons of this configuration? I have to add fans to two bathrooms in a single story home that are reasonably close together. The bathrooms are separated by one room, and are both about the same size. At first I was planning on adding a Panasonic fan to each bathroom, each having their own separate roof vent. But this idea of the remote fan with two inlets (& only having to add one roof vent) is intriguing.
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    The Panasonic fans are quality units, nice and quiet and reliable. Fantec makes some quality remote fan systems that can ventilate multiple rooms. The biggest advantage, as I see it, is one fan motor that is remote, so even quieter than the Panasonic units. You'd want to use a switch that had either a timer, humidistat, or a lamp to remind you that it was on, otherwise, you probably couldn't tell. Then, as you noted, there's only one outlet required through the roof or end wall. The disadvantage is when on, it will be exhausting conditioned air from both bathrooms, when you may only need one. They may have a motorized damper system that would separate the two rooms, but I haven't looked into the specific details. Wiring is a little more difficult since you are essentially doing a 3-way (as far as I know), so it can be turned on or off from either room. Might be a pain if someone turned it off in the other room when you wanted it on! Don't quote me on the might be more sophisticated than that and be something like a wired OR circuit, and not a typical 3-way.
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    Panasonic Fan with Whisper Quiet and LED lighting

    I was at a trade show in Vancouver this week (Presenting for the NKBA on Steam Showers) and took in the show after my session. I found out that my favourite fan has a new twist available. The Panasonic Whisper Quiet is coming out with a sleek LED light option.

    Not a cheese ball looking grill but nice style with a square light. The glass is diffused and the light gives off a great glow. Perfect for day by day use or a nightlight.

    I'm looking into converting this into a RGB colour changing option but have to wait till the fan lands in my hands.

    Here is a peak at the new Panasonic LED Fan.

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