Basement Bar Sink Addition

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently finishes my basement. The building roughed in a full bath to the an ejector pit. The ejector pit has its own 2" vent line above. The sink, toilet, and shower have a 1.5" vent above the sink.


I would like to add a bar sink. It appears I have 2 options I know will work, but I am hoping to use option 3 (drawn below).

Option 1: break open the concrete (it's a lot) and add the drain line into the main drain after all other fixtures.
Option 2: Install a ejector pit behind the wall only for the bar sink and plumb to a new wye drain connection.
Option 3: Run the drain line from the bar sink around the bathroom (at the proper slope) to the ejector pit (Proposed New). Add a 3rd port to drain the sink into the pit (away from the pump and at the height of the main drain).

Plumbing-v5 Marked.png

Will Option 3 work?

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