Back to the black particles in the tub faucet and the toilet in the main bath....

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    1. Home is 9 years old and in the Charleston SC area of about 35 miles inland.....a DR Horton home plantation....2 1/2 baths up and down but this is the main bath on the second floor. Hot water heater is in the attic area. What I have is....tub faucet and handle area spews out black particles (hot and cold water) and at first I thought mold....but now I think some type of rubber waste.....when water is running this stuff comes out and hits the tub and tub walls and bottom of shower curtain...will clean up but not also comes out of the Mansfield toilet ring....I have taken wires and a drain cleaning wire and tried cleaning out the holes and it seems OK for a day or so but then back...because of this the small hole in the bottom of the toilet before you come to the toilet drain hole bubbles like crazy each flush........I am going spasm...had a plumber in and had all the guts to the tub ...shower head, faucet and handle and inner guts cost me 350 from delta and another 150 for him....replaced but....not even 10 days and its happening again....I try to explain to the plumber but he thinks I'm nuts I think.....he thinks maybe a little mold and spray some bleach and water up the faucets and should be OK???? and or....maybe some rubber seals deteriorating ????????? I'm at my wits end..........I would get a new toilet and have the tub replaced with a stand free shower but.....1st am afraid it will come back or 2nd...cant afford it anyways...have seen some forums say maybe replace water heater?.....some say just the lines to the water heater?.....I just need to know what to do.................
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    You're having issues with the hot and the cold. I don't think it's the water heater. It is baffling.
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    What's your water source?
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