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    A plumbing issue came up at a friend's house and now I'm curious. A small bathroom is under construction. There is trenching for a new 4 inch ABS drain line. In this trench, the drain line makes a slight jog and the two sections are fitted together with -- if I remember correctly -- an eighth bend. If I'm not remembering the name correctly it is a fitting that is much less than 45 degrees. At any rate, it is clear that the two sections did not entirely line up with the union... so it looks as though the plumber forced the pipe into the union and it glued together slightly askew. In other words, the pipe is not sitting completely square within the fitting. There were differing opinions among our group regarding the quality of this joint. Some felt this would 'stress' the ABS and over time as the plastic became brittle, there would be a greater likelyhood of a leak in the future. Others felt that the ABS glue melts the plastic and although the pipe is askew within the fitting, it more or less 'conforms' to its new surrounding and there would be no stress issue. FYI, the system was recently tested and at the present time it does not leak. Since there is not a professional plumber among us, we are curious to hear your opinion. Thank you!
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    Golden rule. If it don't look right, it ain't right. Cut it out and re=do the joint.
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    Without seeing the installation it's hard to guess but usually removing a few shovel fulls of dirt will give enough room for these joints to line up properly.
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    A helper was left alone after he had been given instructions to run a vent through the ceiling in a new house and the end result was a 90 that looks like a 45. Everyone that is shown the work shrugs their shoulders and says, "And¿" And that is a 90. Then comes the dropped jaw and fits of laughter! We will eventually replace it but it is good humor for now. :p
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