How much strain can ABS take?

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Hi all,

I've been doing DIY plumbing for years and have always found great advice on this forum. I've run into a situation moving a 2'' shower drain over to accommodate a wider shower base. It's testing my patience and I'm looking for a second opinion!

I'm having an unusual amount of trouble getting the riser from the P-trap to align properly. Last night I got everything cemented together for a second time, after cutting out the first attempt. Everything is aligned however the riser from the trap wasn't perfectly plumb. If I push the trap down maybe a half inch, everything lines up perfectly. I can push it down with a little bit of pressure applied with one finger.

I shimmed it with a piece of foam (circled in the photo) to hold the pipe in position so the little amount of tension isn't pushing up on the Oatey no-caulk shower drain. I'm second-guessing my choice to fudge it a little bit, because the 2 inch sanitary tee where it connects is only about 16 inches away from where I shimmed it.

I know that ABS pipe can handle a bit of flex, but what about the fittings? Because the length of pipe is only 16 inches, I'm concerned that the fitting is taking all of the stress. I've seen pro plumbers work with ABS and they can be pretty rough with the materials, but I don't have the experience to be that confident.

Any opinions are welcome!



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