Abbrio, the MasterSource showroom in Seattle. It's a party!

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Bothell, Washington
I work with Abbrio in Seattle, a showroom in Seattle located off of the Michigan exit and on 6th Ave.
Every two years I get invited to their Octoberfest party to hang with other contractors and designers, east a bit, drink a bit and dance to a live band.


That's me, Terry Love


Pamela Cornell helping me check out the showroom.


A few items we looked at and more to see. This is one of our local suppliers in the Seattle area. I don't bother having items like this shipped by UPS or Fedex. Heavy porcelain like this needs handling by trained movers and shakers. Well.........maybe not the shaking. Shaking around in the back of a van isn't going to help stuff like this show up unbroken. I like a semi packed tight so nothing moves and the guys unloading have the muscle and ability to unpack those trucks without dropping anything. That's why the stuff I sell and install is perfect.
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