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    Terry Love Presents page at Seattle Community Media. Terry Love Television


    A listing of television shows from Terry Love Presents that can be watched online. I've been doing this show since 2001 in the Seattle area. It's mainly local music from clubs and larger venues
    Some of our video has been viewed on Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. Some nice quotes in Star Magazine and In Touch Weekly. Photos from the show have been in magazines like US Magazine. More information
    Last Summer Jamie and I got contacted about doing a reality television show, but just missed the cut. It would have been fun to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. They were wanting a plumbing show about a father / son team. They were more interested in my son Jamie, what with his background as a singer in a band. I think they missed out. We're a pretty crazy team. We get the job done, and then some!
    Some of my shows have featured Geoffrey Castle, Nick Vigarino, OFUmusic. I've been shooting with Sony and editing with Adobe Premier. Most of my shots are handhelds, I don't really have a tripod, and with shots of moving people, it never made much sense to lock the camera down. I love doing this type of thing. It comes naturally. My father played guitar and sang in a band, I played guitar and sang in a band, and Jamie sings in a band. I got into camera work early on too. One of my Junior High projects was a Super 8 documentary about the Boston Tea Party.

    I've been thinking more about the remodel and plumbing video production that Jamie and I could be doing. I've designed and built custom homes, and it would be nice to explain how some of this is done.
    If someone has an idea for a video we could do about construction, let me know, and maybe we can do something with it.

    In Touch Weekly
    Our mention in, In Touch Weekly

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    Anything new going on with it all?
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