9 feet down and lots of water

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    I have a farm in South Western Ontario, moved from the city 2 years ago. I have a shallow sand point well with a Duro pump (piston pump) I had very little water available but the previous owners said the water was never a problem. Not being satisfied by having to wait 3 hours to take a shower after doing 2 loads of laundry I installed a huge diaphragm tank ($500) just after a steel tank. Not much improvement! Put in a $750 new pump. Same thing. I have a spare pump now! Finally decided to dig up the old point. Not as hard as I thought. Old point was down 12' to the bottom. I put a new 3' point down 9' + 3' point. I am getting 3to 4 gal/min. So what's my problem?
    Should I worry that I am to close to the surface? ie. field run off, inconsistent water.
    The land is all sand and no live stock for miles.

    P.S. New Sand Point and materials $200 and a days work
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    The pump sees a larger tank as another load to satisfy, so you actually get less water in the house. You didn't give the size of the pump so we don't know if the 3-4 GPM is because of the pump or the well. Either way 3 GPM is 4300 gallons per day, which is enough for 10 houses. You just need to put this in a storage tank so with an additional pump you can produce as much as you need for short periods of time when water is actually being used in or around the house.
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    Feb 6, 2011
    NW Ontario, Canada
    You haven't really told us what your problem is. The title says "lots of water" or are you being facetious?

    Is the pump sucking air? A 3 foot sandpoint set only 9 feet down is not ideal. If the pump sucks air, then you are up against the cone of depression and need to go deeper. If it's not the cone of depression and not sucking air you need to put down a longer sandpoint or multiple sandpoints in parallel to get more GPM.
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