1.28 gpf toilet for CA remodel

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Northern California
We are remodeling the 3 bathrooms in our new house in Northern California. The new CA water conservation laws require that our toilets are no more than 1.28 gpf. After looking at what seems like a gazillion Toto, Kohler and AS toilets, I am no closer to making a decision so I am hoping to get some guidance. Here's what we need:

  • 1.28 gpf
  • Clog-free flushing technology - we currently use 1.6 gpf and have maybe 1 clog every couple of months (have some heavy TP users here)
  • Comfort height (though will consider all recommendations since current toilets are not ADA compliant)
  • I like skirted toilets but non-skirted is fine too
  • Prefer 2-piece for ease of installation and repair but open to 1-piece
  • Dual-flush would be great but not necessary
  • Bowl finish or bowl technology that keeps bowl clean between bi-weekly cleaning
  • Would like to keep it between $200 - 600 if at all possible
Thanks for any guidance you can provide!


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The Toto Vespin II is pretty tough and reliable. Their II-series doesn't have under rim washdown rinse...it has two jets that cause the water to circle the bowl on the way down and all of their II series have their special glaze finish. IMHO, a dual-flush has some issues with the size of the water spot. You want all of the water in the bowl to be evacuated, regardless of the mode you flush it. This limits the size of the water spot so it can still flush it out with the smaller flush. A single flush mode allows a larger water spot.
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