1.28 and 1.60 gpf

  1. moar

    Kohler Wellworth 1.28 GPF incomplete flush. they wouldn't have made the 1.6 if 1.28 worked as well.

    Recently put in a new Kohler Wellworth Classic. I got the K-11464-0 kit. Something I have noticed right away is that I can see a bit of foaminess and tint to the water after use. One day, I disposed of left over Coke into it and noticed it was still brown after a flush. Tested it further by...
  2. Ettamommy

    1.28 gpf toilet for CA remodel

    We are remodeling the 3 bathrooms in our new house in Northern California. The new CA water conservation laws require that our toilets are no more than 1.28 gpf. After looking at what seems like a gazillion Toto, Kohler and AS toilets, I am no closer to making a decision so I am hoping to get...
  3. compiler

    How is the toilet made the difference between 1.28 and 1.60 GPF toilet?

    Does the 1.28 GPF just flush less water by shutting the flapper quicker than the 1.60 GPF toilet or the 1.28 GPF fills less water than 1.60 GPF toilet in the tank? Can anyone explain it?
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