toilet decision

  1. Tom Hazel

    Any recommendations for 10 inch rough-in toilet to fit baseboard heat?

    Hello, I’m new to this. My tenant’s toilet doesn’t seem to be flushing properly. The condo manager seems to think it’s not the vent and I have already snaked it multiple times but it doesn’t seem to fix the issue. So I’m sitting here on one of my tenant’s toilet typing this after buying my...
  2. Andrew in Toronto

    To offset flange or not to offset flange in a apartment?

    My AS toilet is broken and needs to be replaced -- its 30 years old. I live in an condo apartment building (located in Toronto and built in 1975 if that makes a difference) and the existing toilet has a rough-in of 10 3/8 inches measured to the tile on the wall. If I understand correctly my...
  3. timmer79

    Toilet was clogged with disposable brush part of a toilet scrubber

    My son flushed the disposable brush part of a toilet scrubber that was about 2 inches in diameter. Our toilet was mostly clogged and slowly flushing for a day. However, now it is flushing fine. Do I need to do anything at this point?
  4. Killacam311

    Toilet Flange Screwup

    Okay, so decided to tackle a home bathroom remodel. Bathroom has ugly pink 1 inch tile and I tear it out. Find out the subfloor is rotted so I replace that. Problem is, I cut the new subfloor around the flange, not thinking that the flange might have to be bolted to something. I redo the tile...
  5. Cameron Fields

    Approaching company with new fixture design

    Hi everyone, I am back it has been a while since posting I have some good news and some questions. As some of you know, I have been working on a new toilet concept for many years. I had been searching for a drafter to draw up my plans to submit a patent. I could not find anyone, so I ended...
  6. Ettamommy

    1.28 gpf toilet for CA remodel

    We are remodeling the 3 bathrooms in our new house in Northern California. The new CA water conservation laws require that our toilets are no more than 1.28 gpf. After looking at what seems like a gazillion Toto, Kohler and AS toilets, I am no closer to making a decision so I am hoping to get...
  7. Marcielee

    Toilet decision, TOTO or Kohler

    I have a small bathroom so the Sansouci by Kohler and the Drake by TOTO seem to take up the least amount of space. The Drake seat is higher. Which one????? Kohler San Souci, 27-1/2" long 16-1/2" high bowl. TOTO Drake II, 28" long in elongated, 26.5" long in round. 16-1/8" high bowl.
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