1. andyupnorth

    Water softener loop required

    Hi all, Not planning to install a WS but code requires a loop to be installed. Tried to reach out inspector with questions but no luck. Inspection to happen in a couple of days. What should the loop look like and be located? See attacked sketch on what i have in mind. In the sketch I have all...
  2. M

    help with water softener plumbing!! DIY

    I recently purchased a new watener softener and have been trying to install it. This is my first plumbing experience. my house in from 2003 and I feel like many DIYers worked on this plumbing. as you can see copper pipes are all different diameters. I tried to use a flex hose from shark altough...
  3. s00316

    Water Softener Backwash connect to sink drain

    Please see the photos. So my basement does not have any access to drain pipe. I had to bring the discharge to 1st floor bathroom as you see on the photo. I know the current connection is very wrong. So I was doing more research and tried to figure out what would be the right solution. I came...
  4. s00316

    Water softener and Neutralizer Drain Problem

    I have water softener and neutralizer on basement but I do not have any floor drain or access to main drain. (I mean I am sure it is in somewhere under slab but that would cost me too much to dig out the floor, etc.) Sump pit and pump is not an option for me. For now, previous owner, connected...
  5. Varbird

    Help a new member pick out a water softener

    Hello Everyone, I am new member who has been lurking for a bit, and is wondering what water softener to get. I am on municipal/city water that has a hardness of 22 GPG. My house is a 3 bedroom and 2.5 bathroom house (2 showers) , with washing machine and dishwasher. Most of the time, the...
  6. JeremyF559

    Any water softeners that are 1.25 water lines?

    I currently have a Life Source filter on my house. The water line from the well to this filter is 1.25in and they sized it up to 1.5 for this filter. I’m looking at either a 1.5in or 1.25in water softener to replace the filter but I’m having issues finding one. The 1.5in seem to be commercial...
  7. DaveFam

    Low flow rate at times from Krystal Pure Water Softener

    The Krystal Pure KS10|KS15HE|KS64HE unit is at least 13 years old here in Phoenix, AZ. There is a manual 740/760 Control 255 and Performa Series Valves (268, 268FA). We have times when the unit seems to be regenerating and there is no water flow to the house. I have read the resin issues can...
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