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I recently purchased a new watener softener and have been trying to install it. This is my first plumbing experience. my house in from 2003 and I feel like many DIYers worked on this plumbing. as you can see copper pipes are all different diameters. I tried to use a flex hose from shark altough the 1 inch copper pipe from the house is too short and does not connect to the teeth of the flex hose. as a result is was leaking everywhere when i turned the water back on (black tape in the first picture, temporary of course). I took it back to square one and I figured I should cut the pipe and solder a new 1inch copper pipe and connect the flex hose to the new pipe. Good idea or any advice? I also need guidance on where to cut and solder the new copper 1 inch pipe (second picture). anything helps! thanks a lot

IMG-5228 (1).jpg

IMG-5225 (1).jpg


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Maybe you could get a longer flex line, but extending the copper pipe by soldering on an extension seems good too. This is a top quality 24-inch pair lines:

Note that not all softeners have the input and output on the same side. So check that. Fleck and Clack valves have the input on the right as you face the unit's display.

What was the not-long-enough connector?

Note that 1 inch copper pipe is 1-1/8 OD. 3/4 copper pipe is 7/8 OD
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