1. RegularGuy

    Confused by Toto, and by Washlet and g400

    Hi, I tired using the search function but didn't find anything directly on point. I did not go back way far, but nothing obvious. Anyway, have questions on Toto, and the Washlet/Washlet+ and G400, first will describe my situation: - remodeling bathroom, so can pretty much do anything if...
  2. Cranraspberry

    Toto Washlet+ T40 on a T20 toilet?

    Toto is going to be the end of me! Finally narrowed things down to the toilet I want and the Washlet I want - both are Washlet+ so should be a breeze, right? Well turns out for the recent S500/550e series they moved from T20 to T40, aka the hole is now slightly lower than it used to be. Of...
  3. Terry

    TOTO Aquia IV with SW3054 Classic S550e Washlet

    I installed a couple of the TOTO Aquia IV 1.28 GPF one-piece with Washlets this week. They also had the optional AutoFlush THU765 that allows the use of the remote to flush the bowls. CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze prevents debris and mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces EWATER+® auto-cleans wand...
  4. Terry

    TOTO Drake II with 1G flush and SW3046 Washlet

    Here is a TOTO Drake II with 1G flush and S500e Washlet CST454CUFG and SW3046 The Drake II is one of my favorites and you can never go wrong with Washlets. Saving paper is nice and having a warm seat in Winter is awesome to sit on. I love the warm water wash. TOTO Drake II with S500e Washlet
  5. Terry

    TOTO Aquia IV CST446CEMG with SW2024 Washlet pictures

    TOTO Aquia IV CST446CEMG with the SW2024 Washlet installation. 1.28 / 0.08 GPF. Comes with the fully skirted bowl and the option to install at either the standard 12" or the optional 10" and 14". CST446CEMG and SW2024 Washlet Installation is done with the standard TSU08W.12 12" Unifit...
  6. Terry

    K300 Washlet by TOTO. SW3036

    TOTO has the new K300 Washlet out now. • Gentle aerated, warm water, dual action spray with oscillating feature • Adjustable water temperature and volume • Instant water heating system for continuous warm water and energy saving • Warm air drying with three variable temperature settings •...
  7. Terry

    Washlet Base Plate Assembly THU9492

    The other day I was installing a SW2034 Washlet by TOTO, and realized that while assembling the base plate adapter to the bowl that the little metal parts had fallen off the adapter. They come with clear tape over them, but me being me, I had removed the tape like so many times before and now...
  8. HunchoJack

    Experience with Brondell Washlets

    Hello all! Long time reader, first time poster. I am looking at purchasing the Brondell Swash 1000 washlet (https://terrylove.biz/home/78-brondell-swash-1000.html) but haven’t had much experience with Brondell products. Does anyone have any experience with this particular washlet or Brondell...
  9. Lifespeed

    Washlet recommends for original Toto Aquia

    I am rebuilding the bathroom wall of my house, which means an electrical outlet can be installed by the toilet. Time for the famous washlet, perhaps Toto C200. Any experiences with this combination of Aquia toilet and washlet? Does it work well? Should I consider a different model of...
  10. Terry

    TOTO G400 Toilet, Reviews & Pictures. MS920CEMFG

    The G400 by TOTO is their entry level Neorest style toilet that combines the Washlet with the bowl. A dual flush unit, 1.28 GPF or 0.9 GPF. The seat auto opens and closes, warm seat, warm water wash and warm air dry. It's pretty nice. Power is 120V AC, 60Hz, 409W It also has Water Premist™ of...
  11. Jcanavera

    Toto S350e fan noise

    We've had a Toto S350e for over 3 years now and we have been happy with the unit. I have noticed however that the fan that turns on when you sit on the seat has grown louder over time. We keep the plastic filter unit clean although I did pull the seat and found considerable debris in the...
  12. kb_aren

    Need Advice on Toto Toilet and Washlet

    Hello everyone, thanks for your time. We are remodeling our bathroom and looking to purchase a Toto toilet and Toto washlet. We've narrowed the toilets down to either the Ultramax (or Ultramx II) versus the Drake (or Drake II), and the washlet will be the S350e. My questions are these: 1)...
  13. Terry

    TOTO THU9090R adapter for installing a Washlet on an Aquia

    TOTO THU9090R adapter for extending the supply line farther lower to help with the Washlet installation on a TOTO Aquia. This converts the 7/8" female to 7/8" male threads as an extension. TOTO CST416M with the A200 Washlet. SW2024-01
  14. Terry

    TOTO C100 Washlet, SW2034

    TOTO makes a nice Washlet with the side controls that replaces a toilet seat and adds a warm to sit on seat, warm water wash, and air dry. It also has an automatic deodorizer and a Premist™ that helps to keep your toilet bowl clean. - See more at...
  15. Terry

    TOTO Neorest 550H MS982CUMG with pictures

    TOTO Neorest 550H MS982CUMG with pictures With the covers down. With the lid up. The wirless controls The front view of the Neorest 55H
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