Confused by Toto, and by Washlet and g400

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Hi, I tired using the search function but didn't find anything directly on point. I did not go back way far, but nothing obvious.

Anyway, have questions on Toto, and the Washlet/Washlet+ and G400, first will describe my situation:

- remodeling bathroom, so can pretty much do anything if needed
- 12" rough in
- already have electrical running to toilet location on dedicated circuit for this purpose

So, I've always been late to changes - internal combustion engine, microwaves, led tvs, cell phones ... so dammit, I'm gonna catch the wave on these smart or intelligent or Japanese toilets. Plus I can be first kid on my block!

But I can't figure out the differences. Well, I can tell what a warm air blow drier is, and heated water, and things like that.

But I can't tell why I'd want or not want a G400 vs a Nexus or Aquia S550e washlet? They seem to spec out the same. There is a style difference of course, but I kinda like the older style of the Nexus or Aquia, perhaps even in a two piece. Yet for the price Toto would have the consumer believe the g400 is superior?

Next, I can't tell why I would or would not buy a toilet with washlet+ s550e combo direct form factory vs the non washlet version with a washlet connection built-in and purchase a separate washlet s550e seat? They are the same price either way ... and if I catch a deal on just the toilet (say a local guy has 10% "dumb" toilets) then would be cheaper to buy separate. Am I missing something?

Also, can't figure out why Toto's Nexus costs more than Aquia when Aquia is a dual flush system? I would guess dual flush would cost more but not sure if Nexus offer features to warrant the enhanced price.

And can someone please explain to me in simple terms the difference between tornado flush, dynomax tornado flush and 3D tornado flush? Why all the similar names...same technology? Or is there a real difference between them?

Any help appreciated!!!


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dynomax tornado flush and 3D tornado flush?
That's Dynamax.

I think the Dynamax Tornado is the one to be strongly avoided, because it lacks a siphon jet.

In heated water bidet attachments, some have a tank, which takes space, and some are tankless, which takes lots of amps. I know this was not the kind of assessment that you wanted.

I suspect the toilets with the holes to route pipes and wires, and the matching bidet attachments, conceal pipes and wires better.
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