washing machine / laundry room

  1. D

    can't reach washing machine inlet. extender available?

    I can't reach behind washing machine to turn off water in an emergency. Is an extender available?
  2. M

    Kitchen island sink drain into basement washing machine drain

    Hi, First post on this forum. I am building a cottage with my dad and i have naively decided that this DIY project would include the plumbing... I am in Québec, Canada (sorry for my rusty english). My question is... I have a kitchen island sink on my first floor and I am wondering how to...
  3. Dan O2.

    Washer/Dryer Closet Installation

    I'm exploring the idea of installing a stacked washer/dryer combo in a former closet. The closet is of a decent size and is against an exterior wall, so dryer venting will be easy. Being that the appliances are going to be stacked I have some concern about access to the washer taps(?) with the...
  4. RasJ

    Washing Machine drain

    I am currently turning the part of my garage where the washer/dryer is into a laundry room, which includes adding a utility sink. So after much internet researching, especially this site, and brain racking I came up with the following in the pictures below. I have 2 questions: 1. Did I do this...
  5. handywill

    Basement washing machine vent question

    Hello, I am finishing my basement and have a question about how to vent a washer. I have a washer going in about 12 feet from the main soil stack (cast iron, goes into floor, not “hung”), which I had a plumber put in a place that I can connect to with 2” PVC a while ago. The stack has various...
  6. anders6307

    Laundry Sink and Washing Machine vent/drain

    Full disclosure: newbie here. I'm relocating my laundry sink + washer/dryer to a different wall in my basement. I've laid out my rough in of what I plan to do in the attached picture. I don't have specific dimensions yet, but other than the top of the standpipe needing to be above the top...
  7. davearonson

    Washing machine hose length?

    Our washing machine has a hose that comes out the bottom back, goes over to the sink, drapes into the sink, and is then long enough that the filter on the end (like a mesh sock) is laying down in the sink and getting moldy. We're thinking of cutting it short so that the filter dangles like it...
  8. Girafdaniels

    Washing Machine P Trap Too High/Standpipe Short?

    The bottom of my washing machine 2” p trap is 25” off the floor and the standpipe is 19” tall. I’ve read that the trap is supposed to be 6-18” off the floor and standpipe 18-30” tall. It’d be a lot of work with the way it’s all run to change the p trap height. I could, however lengthen the...
  9. John Bush

    Adding Washing Machine Standpipe in Basement

    Right now, my washing machine in the basement drains into one of those very old, super-heavy concrete utility sinks. The sink is starting to crack and leaking more often, it often clogs with the lint from the washer, and we're tired of switching out the mesh sock covers. I want to put in a...
  10. Ann Rone

    Help with new laundry room in OLD house

    We are remodeling a 65 year old house. Transformed an outside utility into an enclosed laundry area. Upgraded the pipes, drain, electrical to city code. Ready to install a washing machine outlet box but the hot and cold water pipes are 7 1/2 inch center to center with a 2 1/4 in drain between...
  11. Peoples

    Washing Machine Hose Leaking

    I just a got a washing machine. Of course I want to see it work in my unit and I keep coming across a problem. Water is leaking from the hose at the connecting part to valve only on the cold water side. On the hotside it works fine. I replaced that hose on the cold side with a SS braided hose...
  12. calj

    Troubleshooting Main Drainpipe Leakage & Possible Washer Standpipe Design Issue(s)

    I would like to get your recommendations on troubleshooting and fixing main drainpipe leakage and possible washer standpipe design issue(s). Background: One of our younger relatives remodeled our laundry room in our basement a couple of years ago and we have had some issues with our plumbing...
  13. Rag

    Venting Two Washing Machines on Single Drain

    Just wanted to check if my drainage and venting seemed ok. This is for two washing machines (standpipe) draining into a 2" drain, and each trap vented to a 1.5" vent stack. (This is for Canada if that makes a difference) I circuit vented the traps. I haven't seen it anywhere but is this correct...
  14. jaywalsh31

    Washing machine full overflowing. flood neighborhood. And trap weir at 20" with 8" stand p.

    Hello, everyone my name is Jason. I was hoping i could pick some brains about a clothes washer that is installed in massachusetts. I checked the forum for mass but no one goes there so I'm trying my luck here. Problem: washing machine was full of water and overflowing onto the floor. The...
  15. njsteam

    Adding standpipe to existing sink

    In my basement, there is an existing wash sink that drains directly into the main drain line via a 1.5" pipe. The washing machine currently drains into the sink but I would like to add a standpipe for it to drain into. First off, is my current setup fine the way it is installed without a vent...
  16. Kevinmichele123

    Floor drains verses washing machine pan

    Is it better to run a washing machine pan verses floor drains in a laundry room or should I settle with better hoses ???
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