shower cartridge

  1. V

    Shower cartridge help

    Hello, got this shower system in clients bathroom. Middle valve only regulates temperature. Top and bottom turn the water on and off in shower wand and rainfall showerhead. Need to find 2 of this shut off valves to fix the leak.
  2. P

    Please help me identify pfister part

    For the pfister shower cartridge, there is a groove on the bottom that slides onto a black piece in the wall. When I was changing the cartridge, said black piece came loose and fell into the wall. Now, the entire cartridge is sticking out of the wall. I need help identifying the piece and...
  3. Confoozled

    Shower cartridge - does this look like Moen 1222 (or could be replaced by 1222)?

    Hello Guys, Does this look like it is or could be replaced by a Moen 1222 cartridge? I haven't tried to pull it out yet because I have folks needing to shower yet this evening, and I'm a 90 minute round trip from my big box store. So I wanted to start fresh in the morning to give me time in...
  4. Judy

    Delta Shower Cartridge Help

    Hi guys, any idea what shower cartridge I need for this Delta valve? I don’t know the model and the only thing on it is a patent number. It’s a shower only, no tub. I’d rather not take it apart until I have the cartridge to replace. Are you able to tell just by the picture? Thanks!
  5. Loren

    Moen Posi-Temp shower cartridge stuck

    Need help for my grandfather. He needs to replace moen shower cartridge, but the piece you pull on broke. He tried to screw in another screw and use that as leverage to pull the cartridge out, but that also didnt work. See attached picture. Any advice??
  6. Peter Dim

    Crooked Valve - How Did This Happen??

  7. DEDon

    Moen Positemp single handle shower cartridges - waste of money

    I'm retired, and have a good aptitude for repairing things around the house but, Enough IS Enough. Yeah, I'm a bit frustrated- having to deal with this shower valve, AGAIN. I've decided to do what I should have done, years ago- post a question about a troublesome shower valve/cartridge...
  8. Saxon Elliott

    Cant get shower hot water cartridge out.

    So the hot water in only my upstairs shower barely trickles hot water out. After a little research I found it to be just replacing a cartridge. When I got to removing the cartridge I hit a snag. Their was no locking clip only a locking nut/metal cover, that I took off but the cartridge wont move...
  9. johnnieoh1

    Delta Multi Choice 13/14 series

    I have installed several of these valves. This particular valve when turned on the water immediately comes out of the shower head and not the tub spout. All of the markings in the valve and mounting bracket that shows the up position and is installed correctly. Very little water comes out of...
  10. Matt Williams

    Cannot identity cannot find

    Will someone please help me identify this cartridge so I can order another one? No numbers and unknown brand. Thank you.
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