1. R

    Iron / Manganese Greensand Filter Questions

    Hello, I have a new residential water system with a well pump. 15 gallons per minute, 220V pump, 175' deep, Pressure tank 70psi. See test results below. Our local water system company suggested a 10x54 1.5 CF Greensand filter, three bags 44lb of Greensand Plus with a gravel bed. The filter was...
  2. Khmchitown

    Water still not conditioned

    I put a new Fleck 5600 head on my tank, rebedded it with new resin, and added new salt in the brine tank. I ran through all the cycles to confirm water was flowing in and out of both tanks (even put a flashlight behind the resin tank to see the resin moving during backwash). Yet after a...
  3. Turtlens

    Kinetico 60 Regen Drive Pawl Skipping - Sticks in Regen Cycle

    I've got a Kinetico Model 60 (unknown age, serial 01198097 if that gives any indication). City water main broke in front of our home, and shortly after the system would get stuck in the regeneration cycle. Initial thought was a sediment influx, though there is a pre-filter. Disassembled and...
  4. Antlerman

    Salty and Brown After Regeneration

    We had a new softener professionally installed over 2 years ago - Hellenbrand ProMate 6.0. Until recently we've had no issues whatsoever. Recently, though, we've had a problem with very salty and dirty water when first using faucets the morning after a regeneration. My initial reading of...
  5. Bruce Kit

    New 5810XTR2 Need setup & Regen recommendation! Please help!

    Hello All, Please help review settings. If you need more information please let me know. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to help another noob.
  6. Keith Vincent

    Culligan Head Problem

    Hello, n00b here. I searched the forums for issues relating to regeneration and the problem I am experiencing but found no such threads. Just looking for some confirmation of my suspicions... Read on. I have a quad-plex softening set up for high volume soft water used for washing and decon...
  7. wascalwabbitt

    Too Frequent Regen --268/762 Autotrol

    Reaching out for help on solutions to the following problem and suggestions on correct cycle time and programming. PROBLEM: Softener does a regen, shows 1120 gal capacity, water is used only down to 740 and it regens again. MY SYSTEM: Softener 268-762-200-1252 Autotrol, 2 cu ft SST60 resin...
  8. GTOwagon

    Backflusing Frequency for Sand and Carbon Filters

    Gents, I have Lancaster media filters after my chlorine retention tank, and the first is the larger sand filter, for turbidity and pieces of sediment, and the second is the carbon backflush. After a few months I caught a whiff of a mustyish sulphur in the cold line on the washing machine and...
  9. mrt049

    Iron Boss and Water Softener

    I have well water with a softening system and a separate tank called an Iron Boss. I don't know much about it but does anyone know if the Iron Boss should regenerate before or after the water softener? Also, how much time should I leave in between the end of the water softener finishing...
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