Culligan Head Problem

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n00b here.

I searched the forums for issues relating to regeneration and the problem I am experiencing but found no such threads.

Just looking for some confirmation of my suspicions... Read on.

I have a quad-plex softening set up for high volume soft water used for washing and decon of surgical equipment in the hospital I work in and for DHW supply to a large section of our facility.

I have only been employed there for 2 years.

The heads are old (say better than 10 years according to tribal knowledge) but I had Culligan heads re-valved and the beds re-gravelled and re-resined at considerable cost.

Each softener has its own flow meter. 4 in total and are working fine.

Here is the issue:

During regeneration I am seeing flow through the "production"/output side of the softener when I am sure that there should be no flow out to process during ANY PART of the regeneration cycle.

Flow is erratic and seems to surge... Sometimes flow reaches 23GPM during all regen cycles. I haven't seen this in the other units (yet) but given their age and the fact they were installed at the same time one could assume that there may be some measure of similar wear-characteristic with the rest of these units.

I believe that the heads (valve bodies) are shot, scored or otherwise junked. It had been some time since their last rebuild/resin re-bed and suspect that negligence and complacency has ended the life-span of these control heads.


Have a safe day.


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Can you post pictures? Culligan made (had made) many different commercial valves over the years including Fleck valves, Bruners etc...
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